Hi All,

Our old forum was generously created by a member of our community, but a
number of years ago the creator/manager of the forum moved on work in an
area unrelated to the OpenSceneGraph so the forum no longer had a
maintainer, finally the old server that was hosting has gone too.

Previous discussions in the community didn't come up with a replacement,
and as I don't have any expertise in this direction myself I have adopted
the osg-users mailing list mirror on googlegroups as the forum, so now when
you go to forum.openscenegraph you'll be redirected to:


The googlegroup doesn't have a record of the membership to the old forum,
and I don't have a record either, so to use the new googlegroup forum
you'll need to register with it.

Alternatively, you can use the original osg-users mailing list, and posts
will be crossed posted automatically.

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