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> One of the tasks bubbling along in the background is support for
> distortion correction in osgViewer.  osgViewer itself won't provide
> the support but will allow you to set up the required cameras and
> distortion meshes as custom scene graph elements.   This week I
> generalised a couple of components in osgViewer, SceneView and Camera
> to allow to work, ableit in app hardwired way.

Nice work! It represents promising possibility of the osgViewer.

By the way, 'distortion meshes as custom scene graph elements' is
reasonable, but in my experiences, I need 'pixel level' distortion
in many cases. So I made a distortion/blending map creation tool
'Projection Designer', and also defined the distortion map
as an image file which encodes pixel warp mapping in color of pixels.
(Projection Designer is currently Windows version only, but its Linux
version is almost done.)

I also made osgdistortion based real-time distortion viewer:
At that time I used Producer's camera configuration file to
specify the off-screen rendering matrixes. Maybe osgViewer also
need such kind of configuration data.


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Subject: [osg-users] BOF presentation : osgDirector, ProjectionDesigner and 

Hi all,

At the end of the Siggraph2006 BOF, I showed some of my OSG related

1) osgDirector and Orihalcon framework

Last year I released osgDirector and Orihalcon framework
at http://orihalcon.sourceforge.net/.
osgDirector is a wxWidgets based graphical scene graph editor.
It contains some libraries which wrap and extend the OSG features.

2) ProjectionDesigner and osgdistortviewer

The second topic is about my recent work.
ProjectionDesigner is a geometry correction and edge blending
setup tool for immersive environment with a curved screen.
I made it for full dome projection with 13 channels.
Once you complete the projector configuration with it,
you can export a distortion map file, a blend map file and
camera configuration file (for Producer).

This is a sample OSG program using them for real-time
geometry / edge blending correction.
I made it based on osgprerender, and add some additional arguments.
osgdistortviewer.exe --distortionmap distort.png --blendmap blend.png 
(distortion with a polygon mesh)
osgdistortviewer.exe --shaderDistortion --distortionmap distort.png --blendmap 
blend.png dumptruck.osg
(distortion with GLSL shaders)

It's not easy to set up many projectors with it,
but anyway, you can do it.

I hope these projects would be helpful for you.


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