Because bundle version is an arbitrary number ... It would break a lot of code 
if the bundle's version number was used for packaging. If you still want this, 
and you use bnd, just set Export-Package: my.package;version=${Bundle-Version}

A MUCH better and healthier way is to keep a packageinfo file in each package 
directory and keep the version there. That way you only have to change a 
version of a package when you make a change. The syntax of the packageinfo file 

        version 1.0

This only works when you use bnd of course (which is also in the maven plugin).

Kind regards,

        Peter Kriens

On 31 aug 2010, at 08:19, Ivan Dubrov wrote:

> Hi,
> A simple question. The chapter 3.5.5 of the OSGi specification says that
> default version for Export-Package directive is 0.0.0. I wonder, what is
> the rationale behind that? Why not use bundle version as default version
> for package exports?
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> WBR,
> Ivan S. Dubrov
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