Here's my puzzle.

I have a set of services that all have unsatisfied references to the
same thing - a vanilla @Reference to the interface WorkerBusService.

In each case, there is a configuration DTO with an unsatisfied
reference with name BusConfigured and target null.

WorkerBusService is implemented by an @Component named BusService.

it has a required configuration pid and is _not_ immediate. The
configuration should be there, I see a log message corresponding to my
code that updates it into place.

When things time out, BusService has no configuration dtos at all,
just the description DTO. So, how do I tell why it hasn't started?
Note that this is an environment where I can't use the shell, so I've
basically written code that dumps useful output from the introspection
into a String.

Note that all this works in a slightly different environment, and I'm
trying to hone these diagnostic tools rather than brute-force a
comparison to explain the discrepancy.
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