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> Hi,
> I'm sure others will give you a more detailed answer, but here's a quick
> pointer.
> list+org.o...@io7m.com a écrit le 03/02/2017 à 15:55 :
> > Is there a library out there that can do this kind of work for me?  
> Yes, you seem to be describing exactly what the Resolver service does;
> it has an implementation in Felix, and is used externally by bnd/bndtools.

I see. I take it that the resolver is usable outside of an OSGi
context? I mean, as I said, the launcher I have in mind wouldn't be an
OSGi application: It'd be trying to work out the right set of
parameters to create a new OSGi context in another process.

> > Am I destined for utter failure using this approach?  
> The current Resolver and approach used by bnd is better, but not perfect
> (some details in previous mails by Ray & others).
> Have you given a try to Bndtools, because that's how it helps you create
> your "executables"?

I'd trust bnd to get things right, given my experiences with it so far.
I'm currently using bndtools indirectly via the maven-bundle-plugin, as
I use a Maven build environment. It hadn't occurred to me that bndtools
had an API, although the existence of the Maven plugin probably should
have made this obvious... I'll give it a look!



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