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elias vasylenko <eliasvasyle...@gmail.com> wrote:

> This is absolutely possible!
> Look into the OSGi extender model for the general mechanisms.

Couple of small things with this:

Everything I've read suggests that I need to use the standard


1. I can't be sure that my BundleTracker will be started up before any
resource bundles are loaded (because the order of bundle and service
startup is obviously undefined). What happens to those resource bundles
that happened to be loaded before the service that processes them has

2. What happens if the bundle containing the BundleTracker is
restarted/reinstalled? The BundleTrackerCustomizer interface only seems
to communicate state changes (bundle was added, bundle was modified,
bundle was removed). Will I be notified of bundles that are already
loaded and haven't changed?


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