It seems that it is looking for a package called ‘controllers’ and can’t find 
anyone exporting it.

Bndtools has a ‘Resolution view’. Select the JAR in the Repository view and it 
should give you the information of its requirements and capabilities. You can 
also search for packages in Bndtools, click on the flashlight in the repository 

Once there was JPM of course :-( I’ve heard you can also search for packages on 
maven central.

Kind regards,

        Peter Kriens

> On 27 Apr 2017, at 12:11, Henrik Niehaus <> wrote:
> I'm trying to create a bundle, which contains a library with a lot of 
> dependencies. While working through all the missing dependencies, I now got 
> this error, which doesn't mean anything to me. Can someone shine some light 
> on this? What does this mean and how can I find out, which dependency causes 
> the problem?
> Unable to resolve <<INITIAL>> version=null:
>   missing requirement
> ->  Unable to resolve 
> version=
>   missing requirement controllers]
> I also took a screenshot of the bndtools resolution dialog: 
> I'm using Eclipse Neon with bndtools 3.3.0.REL-20160922-205148-g069791c
> Thanks,
> Henrik
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