I am using https://github.com/osgi/osgi.enroute.examples to learn OSGi.

I imported all projects to my Bndtools workspace. Except for
*osgi.enroute.examples.webserver.application*, all projects are fine. It
shows error:
Project 'osgi.enroute.examples.webserver.application' is missing required
Java project: 'osgi.enroute.example'

I already have *osgi.enroute.example* project in the workspace. It seems
that all other projects also use it.

Why can't *osgi.enroute.examples.webserver.application* find it? Also, do
other projects depend on osgi.enroute.example? If yes, why?

I am using Bndtools 3.3.0 (latest version has issues with OSGi-enroute) on
windows 7, Eclipse Oxygen 2 IDE (4.7.2), Java 8.

Nikhil Chilwant
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