OSGi newbie here. This question is lengthy but I hope it helps people in

I want to make a software which provides the feature to install/uninstall
plugins. Think of something like Eclipse IDE plugins. The only difference
is mine is web-app.

I thought of implementing plugins as follows:
Whenever a new plugin is installed, new HTTP servlet will be registered at
Http Whiteboard. These exposed servlet endpoints will be used by other
bundles as well as third-party apps which are present outside. Each plugin
will be developed separately as an OSGi bundle. I can use Felix web console
to allow the user to install/uninstall bundle of his choice.

To verify my approach, I tried to run given OSGi enroute  Proxy provider
from https://github.com/osgi/osgi.enroute.examples. I was able to run it in
debug mode from Eclipse IDE but when I exported it to JAR ( tried to do so
both from osgi.enroute.examples.proxycache.bndrun and debug.bndrun) and
tried to install it through Felix web console, it gave the following error:

*Using default permissions for inputstream:proxyCacheApp.jar*
*No permissions for inputstream:proxyCacheApp.jar*

My questions:
1. Is it feasible to implement my idea using Http Whiteboard?
2. How to give permissions for input steam?
3. Could any point out to working example of Http Whiteboard using OSGi
enroute? The tutorial page for this on enroute site is empty (

Feel free to guide/criticize/shout at me :)
Nikhil Chilwant
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