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> Interop already works just fine in one direction: OSGi bundles depending on
> JPMS modules...

Please indulge me in a bit of brain storming...

Let's assume hypothetically that the goal now is to produce an OSGi
container that can use (possibly nonexistent) APIs in the JPMS to get
the same degree of VM-enforced separation between OSGi bundles as JPMS
modules get between each other (I'm aware that OSGi bundles get cleaner
separation today than JPMS modules in some regards). Let's assume that
we want to do this simply because we don't want to be left out in the
cold when it comes to future language and VM features that might be

Let's assume that, for the perspective of someone using this magic new
OSGi container, the goal is to have it behave pretty much like an OSGi
container already behaves (modulo the R7 java.* changes): An OSGi
bundle can only depend on OSGi bundles, and if you want to be able to
talk to external system JPMS modules, you have to do it via the
system/framework bundle. Let's also assume that we're not interested in
having JPMS modules outside of the OSGi container be capable of
depending on OSGi bundles running inside the container. This is similar
to the situation today; it's not too easy (or desirable) to have things
on the classpath depend on things running inside the OSGi container.

Let's also assume that the magic new OSGi container needs the same
capabilities that existing OSGi containers already have: Module
loading/unloading, multiple bundle versions without conflicts, etc, etc.

I'm not sure, for the sake of discussion, whether or not the OSGi
bundles in question happen to contain JPMS metadata already (such that
if you took the OSGi bundle and put it on the module path, it'd behave
correctly as a JPMS module).

This magic new OSGi container would be much like the JPMS analogue of
the existing classpath-based OSGi world: You have the classpath, and
you have the OSGi container, and dependencies from one to the other
have to occur through well-defined portals (the system/framework

What additions to the JPMS APIs would be needed to make this a reality

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