Hello Raffaele,

Have you read through the this page starting with

Also, do you know exactly which ServiceLoader method is used in the Service
Interface bundle? (it has to be the single argument
ServiceLoader.load(Class) method to work with the OSGi standardized

- Ray

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> Hi all,
> I would like to use a third party library in my Equinox, it makes use of
> ServiceLoader to loade an implementation coming from a different jar.
> I created a bundle containing:
> - my code which calls third party jar
> - the third party jar containing the Service interface
> - the third party jar containing the Service implementation
> - the require and provide capability as suggested in Aries SPI Fly
> I can see in my Felix console that bundle is active and I can see its
> service id, nevertheless when I invoke the getInstance of my class which in
> turn calls the third party code which calls ServiceLoader.load, the
> concrete class is not found :-(
> Any help woulb be appreciated, thanks in advance, bye
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