"Profile of a Moderate Muslim: Abdurahman Alamoudi"


Buried in the Weekend Headlines

U.S. Treasury Department: Abdurahman Alamoudi Raised Money for al Qaeda in
the U.S. - Revelation Called "Stunning"

" .the September 2003 arrest of Alamoudi was a severe blow to al Qaida, as
Alamoudi had a close relationship with al Qaida and had raised money for al
Qaida in the United States." - U.S. Treasury Department

by Douglas J.  <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> Hagmann, Director 

18 July 2005: In a U.S. Treasury
<> Department memo dated July
14, 2005 that seems to have received little press coverage, authorities
allege for the first time that Abdurahman Alamoudi raised money for Al Qaeda
in the U.S. For those unaware, Alamoudi, 53, portrayed himself as a
"moderate Muslim" who served as a liaison between the U.S. government and
American Muslims for two decades. A founder of the American Muslim Council
(AMC), Alamoudi played a key role in developing the Pentagon's Muslim
chaplain program, represented the State Department and attended meetings at
the White House spanning two administrations. Accordingly, the significance
of the allegations by the U.S. Treasury Department that Alamoudi raised
money for al Qaeda cannot be understated. 

Pioneers in the research and investigation of Islamic terrorism such as
Steve Emerson, Daniel Pipes, Bruce Tefft and others exposed the true nature
of the "moderate" Alamoudi long before his arrest in September 2003 on
multiple terrorism related financing charges. Convicted in 2004, the most
recent allegation of Abdurahman Alamoudi raising money for al Qaeda while
rubbing elbows with the Washington elite continues to boggle the mind of any
reasonable person as it well should. 

Alamoudi's "Moderate" Past

The July 14, 2005 Treasury Department memo stated what everyone already
knew: "Alamoudi had a close relationship with al Qaida and had raised money
for al Qaida in the United States." Accordingly, how could this man be
courted and accepted by the very same men and women, democrats and
republicans, lawmakers and justice department officials, presidents and
senators who are supposed to be fighting the war on terrorism? It is not as
if Alamoudi maintained a low profile: 

*       In 1990, Abdurahman Alamoudi founded the American Muslim Foundation
(AMF) and the American Muslim Council (AMC), and until his conviction, was
the President of the AMF. The AMC had co-sponsored several conferences in
the U.S. with a Hamas organization started by Musa Abu Marzuq, the Hamas
leader who took responsibility for organizing suicide attacks against
Israelis. The AMC had also arranged visits to the U.S. by Middle East
militant groups such as the Egyptian Muslim brotherhood, and it also had a
"special relationship" with the government of Sudan, which the U.S. had
declared a terrorist regime. 

*       In July 1995 when Musa Abu Marzuq was arrested by the FBI, Alamoudi
said Marzuq had never been involved in terrorism, describing Marzuq's arrest
as an "insult to the Muslim community." 

*       When he began to work for the U.S. Department of State under
President Clinton as a "goodwill ambassador" to Muslim countries, Alamoudi
told the Islamic Association of Palestine in Chicago in a speech on December
29, 1996: 

"I think if we are outside this country, we can say oh, Allah, destroy
America, but once we are here, our mission in this country is to change it.
There is no way for Muslims to be violent in America, no way. We have other
means to do it. You can be violent anywhere else but in America." 

*       OnOctober 28, 2000, in an anti-Israel protest, Alamoudi stood before
a large Muslim crowd in Lafayette Park across from the White House and
publicly declared his support for the terrorist organizations Hamas and
Hezbollah. He rallied the crowd, saying: " I have been labeled by the media
in New York as being a supporter of Hamas. Anybody supporters of Hamas here?
" The crowd cheered. " Hear that, Bill Clinton? We are all supporters of
Hamas ... I wish they added that I am also a supporter of Hezbollah. " (Both
groups are on the State Department's official list of terrorist

Is It Ignorance or Complicity?

In 2001, despite the most visible signs of Islamic extremism, Abdurahman
Alamoudi joined President George W. Bush at a prayer service dedicated to
victims of the 9/11 attacks. 

In 2001, Alamoudi arranged a Ramadan fast-breaking dinner for congressional

In 2002,despite the most visible signs of Islamic extremism, the spokesman
for FBI director Robert Mueller described Alamoudi's American Muslim Council
as the "the most mainstream Muslim group in the United States." 

In 2003, despite the most visible signs of Islamic extremism, the Catholic
bishops described the AMC led by Alamoudi "the premier, mainstream Muslim
group in Washington." 

Despite the most visible signs of Islamic extremism, the Washington Post
described Alamoudi as "a pillar of the local Muslim community." 

And in one of the more ironic twists of DC politics, a former AMC employee
of Alamoudi, Faisal Gill, serves as policy director at the Department of
Homeland Security's intelligence division. 

In 2003, however, Abdurahman Alamoudi was indicted and ultimately admitted
the following: 

*       Having obtained money from the Libyan government and other foreign
sources, and transmitted these funds to the United States, "outside of the
knowledge of the United States government and without attracting the
attention of law enforcement and regulatory authorities." 

*       Engaging in illegal financial transactions, filing false income tax
returns, lying about his overseas travels, his interest in a Swiss bank
account, his affiliation with a Specially Designated Terrorist (the Hamas
leader, Mousa Abu Marzook), and his membership in terrorist-related

*       Meeting with Libyan leader Muammar al-Qaddafi at least twice, and as
a result, Alamoudi helped organize the (foiled) assassination plot of Saudi
crown prince Abdullah. 

*       Transporting money from Libya to Saudi Arabia to the United States,
where he deposited it in the American Muslim Foundation, one of his
non-profits organizations. 

*       Omitting on his American citizenship application his connections to
many radical organizations, including but not limited to: the United
Association for Studies and Research, Marzook Legal Fund, Mercy
International, American Task Force for Bosnia, Fiqh Council of North
America, Muslims for a Better America, Eritrean Liberation Front/People's
Liberation Force, and Council for the National Interest Foundation. 

In the process of the investigation of Alamoudi, authorities found that he
has at least indirect links to most wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden through
the Taibah International Aid Association, an American non-profit where he
served along with Abdullah A. bin Laden, Osama's nephew. 

Authorities seized Alamoudi's Palm Pilot at the time of his arrest, which
contained contact information for seven men designated as global terrorists
by U.S. authorities. Further, law enforcement authorities found an
Arabic-language document in Alamoudi's office with ideas for Hamas to
undertake "operations against the Israelis to delay the peace process." 

Now, the U.S. Treasury Department confirms what has log been suspected: the
ubiquitous Abdurahman Alamoudi, the Washington, DC "Moderate Muslim," is
alleged to have been raising money for al Qaeda while lunching inside the


July 14, 2005 


Treasury Designates MIRA for Support to Al Qaida 

The U.S Department of the Treasury today designated the Movement for Islamic
Reform in Arabia (MIRA), a U.K.-based Saudi oppositionist organization, for
providing material support to al Qaida. MIRA is run by al Qaida-affiliated
Saad al-Faqih, who was designated pursuant to E.O. 13224 by the Treasury on
December 21, 2004 and is named on the United Nations 1267 Committee
consolidated list of terrorists tied to al Qaida, UBL and the Taliban. 

"Al-Faqih uses MIRA to facilitate al Qaida's operations," said Stuart Levey,
the Treasury's Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence
(TFI). "Designating MIRA will help stem the flow of funds to the
organization and put the world on notice of its support for al Qaida." 

Under his ideological and operational control, MIRA is the main vehicle
al-Faqih uses to propagate support for the al Qaida network. MIRA's 1995
founding statement explicitly states that the organization is not limited to
peaceful means in the pursuit of its objectives. According to information
available to the U.S. Government, while head of MIRA, al-Faqih assumed the
role of the al Qaida spokesperson in London following the arrest of senior
Egyptian Islamic Jihad terrorist Yassir al-Sirri in 2001. Information shows
that statements on the MIRA website, including messages from Usama bin Laden
and Abu Mus'ab al Zarqawi, are intended to provide ideological and
operational support to al Qaida affiliated networks and potential recruits.
According to recent information available to the U.S. Government, a senior
al Qaida operative in Saudi Arabia sent articles to al-Faqih who then posted
them to the MIRA website under the al Qaida operative's pennames. 

In 2003, MIRA and Faqih received approximately $1 million in funding through
Abdulrahman Alamoudi. According to information available to the U.S.
Government, the September 2003 arrest of Alamoudi was a severe blow to al
Qaida, as Alamoudi had a close relationship with al Qaida and had raised
money for al Qaida in the United States. In a 2004 plea agreement, Alamoudi
admitted to his role in an assassination plot targeting the Crown Prince of
Saudi Arabia and is currently serving a 23 year sentence. Al-Faqih has
maintained associations with the al Qaida network since the mid-1990s,
including with Khaled al Fawwaz, who acted as UBL's de facto representative
in the United Kingdom and was associated with the 1998 East Africa embassy
bombings. At the U.S. trial of the East African embassy bombers, prosecutors
provided evidence that MIRA and al-Faqih paid for a satellite phone that al
Fawwaz passed on to UBL, who allegedly used it to help carry out the
attacks. MIRA was designated under Executive Order 13224 for providing
financial and/or material support to al Qaida. Identifying Information
Movement for Islamic Reform in Arabia. 

AKAs: Al-Harakat Al-Islamiyah lil-Islah 

Al Islah (Reform) 

Islamic Movement for Reform 


Movement for Reform In Arabia 

Address: BM Box: MIRA 

London WC1N 3XX, United Kingdom 

Alt. Address: Safiee Suite, EBC House, Townsend Lane London NW9 8LL, United

Alt. Address: 21 Blackstone Road London NW2 6DA, United Kingdom 

Telephone: 020 8452 0303 

Fax: 020 8452 0808. 


U.K. Company Number: 03834450 

For more information on the designation of al-Faqih, please visit: 


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