On November 7, 2001, exactly four years ago today, I began archiving
uncensored daily news on the Internet that would soon transform into Jihad
Unspun. It would become the largest English daily news portal covering
events in the "war on terror" from the Muslim viewpoint.

During the 1,460 days that we have published daily news, we have seen a
dramatic change in the landscape. In the early days of the invasion of
Afghanistan, when communications were in a total lock down and with many
Muslim sites shut down, JUS was able to provide valuable information
including some of the first casualty reports and photographs made public.
Similarly, in the invasion of Iraq, JUS was able to provide the first
glimpses inside the Iraqi Resistance, uncover early evidence of detainee
abuse, unfold the discovery of mass graves and on a daily basis, we've been
a thorn in the side of the US State Department bringing the English speaking
world news on the Mujahideen and uncut reports that told the other side of
the story. And so it has been as we have strived to bring you the best uncut
news possible.

In recent months we have seen our information scope narrow due to several
factors, including a decline in credible third party information sources and
a lack of translation resources that leaves 80% of our direct news from the
Mujahideen unpublished. As most direct information comes to us in Arabic, we
are constantly strained for translators and subsequently a narrower view of
the other side of this conflict is within our pages.

At JUS we will never be content to publish "information" for information's
sake. We live in an information glut and not all information is useful. We
maintain that readers have brains and that there is a responsibility in
reporting to the public. A standard must be maintained. Therefore, the
coverage that we are able to provide, based on our current resources, must
be deemed inadequate in representing the Muslim mandate. Considering all
factors, a decision has been made to suspend our publishing operations,
effective immediately.

Of course, there are many reasons guiding this decision. While America
continues its reign of terror on the Muslim world, mainstream press is now
beginning to address some of the core lies and fabrications on which this
war has been waged. There is indeed a stirring inside the Beast. For the
Muslims, the Mujahideen are much more organized and able to dessiminate
their information on a broader scale, thanks to the Internet, however there
are few voices within the Ummah that are speaking and these are overshadowed
for the most part.

Never in history has a resistance movement succeeded on military strikes
alone. Even Nelson Mandela's success ultimately came through the voice of
citizens who spoke out and organized for change in collaboration with the
resistance effort. With such a lack of unity, to the point of corruption,
inside the Muslim Ummah, there is a serious lack of voices able to
articulate Muslim viewpoints. The Ummah is scattered and fragmented and
while the Mujahideen are gaining ground, there is little support from the
Muslims and in particular the Ulema. At JUS we see this every day on a grand
scale. Four years on, what the world sees is violence, not solutions and in
fact, we as Muslims are letting America and the West determine the future
because of the quarrels and conflicts that are rife within the Ummah. There
is little intrinsic value in reporting deaths when the very core reason that
this war is being waged is omitted from the tongues of Muslims.

Our immediate plan for this space has not been determined. In the short
term, we will reflect on how we can best assist the Ummah after some much
needed rest and without the pressure of daily news, which on any given day
requires a great deal of attention. JUS has a significant audience, a
complete publishing and e-commerce system, a revenue stream, a substantial
news and photo archive, a valuable library of uncut footage and we are
indexed daily by Google. If there are those in our audience who would like
to carry on our work, please contact us at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

I consider myself privileged to have been able to be participate in
reporting news in such a tumultuous time in history, particularly
representing the voices that are not heard. It was JUS that forced me to
look at my religion, to venture out of my element to the Middle East and to
delve deeply inside what has now become a Global Jihad and for this I will
be forever grateful. Over the years, we have become battle-hardened
soldiers; we have weathered good times and bad; we've won, we've lost, we've
goofed, we fumbled, we've broken the story, we've had firsts and lasts,
we've laughed and cried, there have been births and deaths, but most
importantly, we stayed standing, testifying that the truth can and will be

In closing, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to all those who
helped make JUS possible, for it has been your support that gave us
recognition and reach. To our writers and reporters, translators and
editors, contributors and donors, artists and technicians, we can take
solace in the knowledge that we have accomplished a work of which we can be
proud without compromising our principles. We have fought the good fight on
our own terms, magnifying the fact that free voices need not be silent.

At this time we wish to thank you, our viewers, for your loyalty,
encouragement and patronage that allowed us the privilege of serving you for
it is your quest for truth that gave breath to our voices.

As we leave this arena we do so without regret, knowing that in some small
way we have endeavored to make a difference. On behalf of all of us JUS, we
bid you Aleikum Assalam Wa Rahmatulahi Wa Barakatu and goodnight.

Khadija Abdul Qahaar,

5 Shawwal 1426 A.H.
November 7, 2005

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