Tuesday 21 March 2006
Muslim Brotherhood website: Tariq Ramadan ordeal" might as well be called
the "Muslim Brotherhood ordeal"

Judeoscope.ca - Reacting to media reports that Swiss Islamist preacher Tariq
Ramadan recently applied for a visa to enter the United States after his
visa was revoked under a provision of the Patriot Act in 2004 , the Muslim
Brotherhood English-language website Ikhwanweb.com came out in support of
Tariq Ramadam, whose grandfather founded the Brotherhood in 1928.
Ikhwanweb.com claimed Ramadan and the Brotherood share the same "ordeal"
because both the Brotherhood and Ramadan are allegedly discredited as
Leading Muslim Brotherhood ideologues such as Hassan al-Banna and Sayyed
Qutb built their movement on the glorification of perpetual war against
non-Muslims until Islam dominates the entire planet. Tariq Ramadan denies he
has any links to the Brotherhood other than being the grandson of its
Ikhwanweb writes:
What we may call here the "Tariq Ramadan ordeal" might as well be called the
"Muslim Brotherhood ordeal".
This is a Muslim scholar who was considered by Time magazine as one of the
most important 100 thinkers in the world. His discourse is always so
moderate that his views are sometimes rejected by some Muslims as too
conciliatory. Nevertheless, his correctly obtained visa was revoked by U.S.
authorities despite his contract with the University of Notre Dame and the
support he received from it and other quarters. But dogmatic decisions by an
administration that makes no difference between a few extremist elements and
the peaceful, law-abiding overwhelming majority of Muslims at home and
abroad has led to that arbitrary decision and to similar arbitrary decisions
that led abroad to war in Iraq, among other things.
His moderation was acknowledged by the Blair government when it included him
in a team of 13 wise men to advise it on how to deal with extremism and
The same is true of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB). Its approach and methods
have invariably been peaceful, moderate and open-minded. Totalitarian
regimes, however, fearful of a trustworthy rival that enjoys the confidence
and support of people as a result of its long-standing devotion to the
interests of its people, based on honesty and transparence, have led those
despotic regimes to stick the "extremist" label to the MB. The fact of the
matter is that it is the MB which has suffered a lot from the atrocities and
human rights violations perpetrated by those regimes. Over the past decade
alone, some 20,000 MB members have been detained for various periods by the
Egyptian regime, using the limitless powers it enjoys under the emergency
law. The MB is deprived of the right to have its own political party so as
to be easily accused at any moment of being "illegitimate", although it
obtained 20 per cent of the seats in Egypt's parliament despite all sorts of
police brutalities against it and its supporters, resulting, e.g., in the
killing of 14 voters just trying to exercise their right to vote for MB
members, and the injuring of hundreds more.
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