In both North and South hemispheres the world is transforming into green
one from the dark of winter the other the parched glare of summer.  It is
at this time the sap flows in all parts of nature.  We become very busy.
At this time the quite confidence that the list exists, that the spirit
from Marysville is present in my life and that there will be time to share
is all part of this SILENCE.

Out in the world there is a noise that cannot be changed by more noise.  In
my childhood the phrase "silence is golden" was used many times, in fact
too often for a child who just wanted to know.   Perhaps the people in my
childhood should have added take the time to "listen and learn".

Currently I have been using Open Space as the base process to "debrief"
those who involved in the leadership and management of the fire response
last southern summer.  The quote of the sessions so far is "You know I
don't go for this touchy feelly stuff but today has been great".  The fire
season will not end in our area until May 1.

Silence - this was the thing that we noticed most as we walked through the
Australian bush on the Monday night of our Marysville gathering.  This was
the time to listen and learn for it foretold of the first Total Fire Ban
day next day and a summer of fires we could not have even began to imagine
in November.  The hushed conversations of our group as we returned to our
conference on that night showed that we had been touched by the silence.

May those who persist in making noise stop!  So the we can listen and when
we speak we can be heard.

Silence is golden.  So too is the quite voice that speaks to question,
share and encourage.


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