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<< Just what do people (apparently the world over) see in OST that they

interpret as "touchy-feely?"


My guess is sitting in a circle without desks or tables, changes from the
usual meeting structure, different rules, the freedom to choose.  These are a
change from what is usually expected--I think "touchy-feely" has gotten to be
a generic term for activities that are not what people expect, and that seem
more free-wheeling.

Years ago, a colleague told me about conducting meetings with technical
people, in a circle, without tables, and "watching the engineers trying to
cover their balls."

Open Space does take people out of their normal roles, invites them to come
out from behind their masks.  For some this is welcome, for others it is
threatening.  And we try to control our experience by putting labels on it.

I think many people enjoy Open Space more than they are ready to admit--and
some, as in Rob's story, are happy to admit it!


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