"Douglas D. Germann, Sr." schrieb:

> ... a question for everybody on the oslist?
> You reported one participant said:
>  << "You know I don't go for this touchy feelly stuff but today has been
>  << great".
> ...what does this phrase mean? .

something like that happend as well at the end of my recent experience in
andalucia/spain. I closed the space in that manner which chris corrigan (?)
once supposed: the circled participants standig up, looking to each and every
than turning to the outside, feeling the new experience in the back, being
and empowered with that energy for to go everyone on its own way, following
and practicing the rule of two feet......
when I stopped my few words about that a women said into the silence »Amen«.
which allowed to all of them to go into  (e)motion with a comon laughter.


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