More on touchy feely...

Ringing a bell, instead of tapping a microphone, clapping hands, or even
speaking very loudly to start.
Use of unfamiliar (at least in this context) language "open the space,"
"marketplace," "close the space" "breaking news," etc.
Circle of peers for the day, despite rank

It's a kind of re-arranging of the norm, which makes people nervous.

And of course there is a spiritual side to all of this. And in Corporate
America I can tell you there's not a lot of room for (at least) acknowledging
that side of ourselves.

I think it's a perception that "this sort of stuff doesn't belong in this
context." But my limited experience has shown me that "this stuff" is exactly
what sparks creativity, builds bridges and turns things around.

(I'm reminded of a workshop I did years ago, "Using the Actors' Tools for
Effective Mediation." I talked about seeing, hearing and touching. When we
got to the touching part, the mediators in the room protested loudly that
they would NEVER touch a client. By the time we got through the workshop they
all agreed that they shook hands, patted people on the back, took an elbow to
indicate that their clients should proceed them out the door, etc. But that
initial reaction...I would NEVER...has stayed with me a long time!

Here's to touching and feeling.


Julie Denny
People talk...people listen...things change.
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