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OSonOS, Learning Exchanges, stammtische, name it.
In fact, as I look around, there are this year the following events in 
that category
OSonOS in Moscow (August 4-6)
OSonOS by the Sea USA (September 11-12)
Learning Exchange in Ukraine (September 20 -22)
Learning Exchange in Southern Germany (July 16-19)
Learning Exchange in Central Germany (took place in January)
OSonOS in Scandinavia (June 16-17)
OSonOS in OZ (March 21-22)

95 dates for stammtische in 20 locations
click on MENU and then on stammtische.
And probably more stuff
lets share it.

Part of my dream around the OSonOS/Learning Exchanges is that they are 
full open space events...something that apparently many of us do not 
experience that often (16 hours spread over 3 days, sleeping 
twice)...with the idea that if we organize our journey that way we might 
become more familiar with the power and productivity of open space under 
those givens and might feel more comfortable about suggesting those 
parameters to out clients/sponsors.
Greetings from Berlin

Harrison Owen wrote:
> Further on OSONOS by the Sea. Since posting my note yesterday the current
> registration has moved from 0 to about half full. Which suggests that if
> are interested in participating, NOW would be a very good time to make a
> plan. And for all of you who may have been thinking about opening your own
> special places and spaces, opportunity is clearly knocking. And it really
> isn't rocket science :-). Just think about it, instead of having The
> International OSONOS we could have OSONOS's internationally. Every OSONOS
> and international OSONOS! I like it! 
> Harrison

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