Dear School Mavens,

I'm sure it's no accident that in the past few weeks I have been touched by
many powerful change agents who are working to help transform schools around
the world. I thought it would be good to connect you with each other so I've
copied you each individually as well as sending this message to the OSLIST. 

At the World Café Stewardship Dialogue I got to know Don Profitt, a recently
retired, award-winning high school principal from Trenton, New Jersey, who
is currently working with the Institute for Global Ethics out of Camden, ME
and has a consulting practice focused on schools. You will love his passion,
brains and heart. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Mario Barbiere at the OSonOS by the Sea in
Camden where I learned about his dedication to transforming education as the
Superintendent of Schools in Bethlehem Township, New Jersey. I was impressed
by his openness to learning from the work of biophysicists and breastfeeding
mothers as well as Open Space practitioners.

Yesterday, Thomas Hermann, an Open Space Consultant from Kungsbacka, Sweden,
posted a message to the OSList asking for us to help him hold the space as
he embarked on the first day first day of "facilitating an OS-training for
20 people working within the schools in a large city here in Sweden."

Then this morning, Kerry Napuk, from Edinburgh, Scotland, sent a message to
remind me/us of the "dedicated web site for education and OST at
Thanks, dear Kerry!

I know there are many more of you out there who are working with schools in
innovative and connective ways.  Blessings to all of you!

Christine Whitney Sanchez
KAIROS Alliance Inc.
2717 E. Mountain Sky Avenue
Phoenix, AZ  85048
480.759.0262 <> 

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