Yes Sheila, the way Harrison describes the role we play is provocative
compared to other more directive models of facilitation we may be accustomed
to. What has always been powerful for me over the years in OS is the
reminder that the "attitude" we bring to the uniqueness of the process is
what our clients get for their investement. They cannot pay us for our time
because neither they nor we can "own" time any more than we can "own" space.
If you've ever seen people like Harrison, Peggy, Lisa, or Chris open space,
you easily realize that our clients pay us for the same kind of
transformative being that is conveyed in the transmission between Zen
teacher and student.

I love your reminder Harrison of our presence even as we sleep because it
speaks to the quantum reality that the quality of our energy cannot be
contained or expressed - it flows ceaselessly however we're enagaged. The
paradox is that the intrinsic awakeness that we bring to the party can flow
out even as we nap, as an inhale between exhales. The reality for me is that
if I'm working with any few in a large group, I may as well be napping as
far as everyone else in that moment is concerned. The ground of truth here
again always points back to the quality of being and becoming that is my
value-add to the process.

Have a lovely day, Jack

Jack Ricchiuto
Leadership coach, facilitator, author

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