Dear fellow OS -Listers,

Yesterday marked the 16th anniversary of the East German/West German
Reunification.  In Madison, Wisconsin I celebrated that event with a couple
of friends and I'd like to invite this community to celebrate, too. 

To me, it is a continuing story in opening space.  Quite literally.  From
the time I was born, until I turned 30,  my reality included a wall.  It was
a very solid reality, something where there was little hope it would ever
change.  There was a lot of fear, control und "Planwirtschaft" (planned
economy).  And contrary to many economists, historians, politicians and
journalists that credit Reagan and other World Leaders with bringing down
the wall,  I believe it was all those people that said: "Enough!" and went
out, into the open space of the plaza's and streets, demanding change,
bringing a different reality to life.  It was those that took their two feet
and, waiting patiently in line for hours and hours at the borders, went
where they could learn or contribute most!  I was on the other side and
welcomed them and heard so many moving stories, just like we do when we are
invited to open and hold the space anywhere. 

This year Germany ordained its first Rabbis in over 50 years.  The first
German Muslim conference was held.  The first time many, many  German flags
were waved, not in blind, patriotic rapture, but in celebration and shared
joy at opening spaces for visiting soccer fans from across the globe. 

I think it's reason to celebrate if for no other reason than seeing some
evidence (and encouraging results) of opening space in a country that isn't
exactly known for that. 

>From a windy and chilly Madison and with great regard for this learning

Claudia Haack
KAIROS Alliance, Inc.

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