Dear colleagues and friends around the world,
the murdering of journalists, union organizers, peace activists, exploding an atomic bomb in North Korea, the death of Colin Morley in the London bombings a year ago ....and on and on and on...
My bone marrow freezes, my balls shrivel, my heart races...and on and on ...
I gather walnuts, cut up the pumpkin and prepare a stew, look at the pictures of my youngest grandson squirting water at me with glee, chat with the neighbors...and on and on .... I continue with the work I love, facilitating os events, organizing trainings...and... Thats what I want to continue with because it fills my heart with music and hope...and restores me whole... 44 people from 17 countries are coming to Berlin in November for a week of training to be os-facilitators: UK, Burundi, Palestine, Ukraine, Italy, Canada,Poland, Turkey......thats where I feel the future...
Greetings from Berlin


Michael M Pannwitz, boscop eg
Draisweg 1, 12209 Berlin, Germany
++49-30-772 8000

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