Doubtless there multiple experiences… but the last one I heard about was a 
gathering of 100+ for a multi faith / ecumenical gathering sponsored by the 
National Council of Churches.  Of course there was also the time that Michael 
Pannwitz and I took on 250 very senior Rabbis and Imams from all over the 
world. Got real exciting, and it all worked.




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Hi All


I was wondering if anyone has used Open Space to facilitate Interfaith 
dialogue. It might be between people of different faiths or between people 
working with those of different faiths (or both). I work with a local 
Interfaith group and we are planning a public meeting for up to 250 people. 
We're at the beginning of thinking about it, so any experience or ideas you 
have would be very useful.


I've had a quick search of the archive but found nothing relevant. 


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