For anyone consumed as I am with Open Space in the Workplace, this is the
most fantastic interview between Frederic Laloux (Reinventing
Organizations) and Ricardo Semler (Semco, Book Maverick, etc).

Posted on Frederic Laloux Facebook:

"Last week Ricardo Semler (of Semco - Maverick fame) and I had a
conversation as part of his series on LeadWise. I very much enjoyed it - it
was fun comparing notes on what we see happening today. He has been in this
space way way longer than me, of course, so it was interesting to hear his
perspective, even though I was sort of the one interviewed... "

If you click the link it will give you a short preview and a link to go to
the full 52 minute interview. Highly recommend. The topic of opening space
comes at the very end in a surprising way.  I have no doubt that the
greatness of Semco was created 30 years ago  (coincidence ?!_) out of an
Open Space when people did not know what open space was though indeed we've
all known it deep inside of us from the beginning of time.


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