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7808 River Falls Dr.

Potomac, MD 20854



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189 Beaucauire Ave

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Subject: [OSList] Join WOSonOS 2016 in Manila - from your desktop


Open Space Friends Everywhere, 


The World is Shifting.  Come Back to the Circle.  Open More Space!


If you can find your way to Manila on November 9-12, by all means, do it.  If 
you can't, then joining from your laptop or phone via the Open Space Community 
Circle at openspace.qiqochat.com is the next best thing to being there!  


We're opening more space.  We have a number of online breakout spaces connected 
to Manila, plus an online bar, kitchen, porch, pool and newsroom.


We will run a number of experiments during the Manila gathering, all aimed at 
supporting more connections among open space friends everywhere.  Be prepared 
to be surprised!


Here's what we have imagined so far:

*       Opening in Manila - we'll open a connection to the main meeting space 
in Manila so you can see and hear the opening circle and posting of topics.  

*       Breakout/Butterfly Connections - we'll have four (plus or minus) 
laptops connected throughout the day so people in Manila can bring distant 
friends along to breakout sessions, or just have butterfly conversations.  

*       Online Breakouts/Butterflies - there are spaces for online participants 
to post or flutter into conversations with other online participants.  

*       ** Midnight in Manila ** will happen exactly when the name says it 
will.  Between Days 1 and 2, while Manila participants are sleeping, friends 
from many other timezones will be wide awake and invited to gather for a couple 
of hours of meeting and learning together. 

*       Next Year's WOSonOS site selection - for the first time, open space 
friends tuning in from anywhere can be a part of the conversation about where 
to gather next.  Maybe we'll keep the connection open for the Closing Circle as 
well, but that will be up to participants in Manila.

Lucas has made many improvements in the QiqoChat platform since we met there a 
year ago for the Virtual OSonOS, including a switch to Zoom for the audio/video 
connections.  Suzanne has made a great video that we'll share with you soon.  


Registration is required and is open now:  visit OpenSpace.QiqoChat.com.  The 
cost is $10 for anyone not participating onsite in Manila, to cover the 
audio/video costs.  


You can send questions and comments to me directly or post them to the list 
here, so we can answer them for everyone.  The whole experiment will emerge and 
evolve as more and more people choose to join us.  


What we're offering is a space, a platform, for you to learn and contribute and 
create and connect and discover...  What happens will be totally determined by 
who shows up ā€“ sound familiar?  We'll work out the details as we go along...


Please join us ā€“ and share this with friends and colleagues, especially on the 
various OS facebook groups!



Sharon, Mitch, Joan, Michael, Lucas, Suzanne...




Michael Herman
Michael Herman Associates

312-280-7838 (mobile)




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