These days I find myself facilitating same-time online meetings with some
frequency.  Recently I have become interested in the question of how to
usefully combine the use of *asynchronous* online platforms with *same-time*
online meetings to form a single process-container for a group or event.

Timed for International Facilitation Week, I decided to try an experiment,
and to invite people interested in this topic to join a week-long
"co-mentoring group."  The group is open now on a new asynchronous platform
called *Trusted Sharing*.  I will also host two 90-minute same-time online
meetings (tomorrow from 1-2:30 EDT and Friday at the same time).  It's all
for free and for fun.  If we have enough participants tomorrow or Friday,
we will have a mini-OST online, and then bring the convened topics to the
asynchronous platform for continued conversation.

You're invited!  The event details are *Here
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