Dear friends

I have been around and part of our Open Space Community for a bit more than
a decade now. There has been chatter and wishers at the water fountain in
our community events that we could have much more presence in our world.
Many of us are doing magnificent work but there are many opportunities that
go unexplored to make use of what we have to offer. We find ourselves in
parallel communities of practice that are founded on the same philosophy
and way of knowing how to act in this world of ours. I hope to invite the
lesson learned about what we do to come to the Wosonos 2018 and put the
whole system idea to the test and see what our purposefull intervention
will lead us as a quantum leap forward.

I came to the Wosonos in Taiwan last year and we conversed about my offer
to host the World Open Space on Open Space in the small airport hub midway
from America to Europe, easily connect to the whole of our world. Where we
can invite with a strong purposefull theme and invite the whole system of
our practice, what ever the name each of us use for branding and marketing
that we have to offer.

Reykjavik and Iceland have many other attractions that can motivate people
to stay a few extra days before and after our Wosonos. There is the nature,
culture, food, resilience of the community, Auroras Borealis, Wikings, and
much more. But that is not why we gather. We are seeking to be surprised on
what we can accomplish together.

I would like each of us to think about who would need to be at one of the
planning in effort to bring our whole system together and figure out how we
can really build a strong invitation for something that is real and urgent,
not to service our needs as individual facilitators but to seek the sponsor
or the calling within each of us to be of service where there is need for
our presence and invitation.

I like you to be part of the whole system representation and invite
alongside you someone that you feel would represent an overlooked aspect of
our system. I feel that is the way forward for our planning meetings this

Check out the links below, register to one or both of them, then think who
else should be there and forward this invitation to her/him with a personal
message why.

I am hopeful that what we can achieve will leave a shift in our way of
connecting with the World and the powers that be. Bringing more clarity and
agency for prosperity and lasting peace.

Let's do this, bring the whole community together, including the distant
and the different parts of our system.

Earlier 1: (register at (Enter the password:

Later 2: (register at  (Enter the password:

With love from Reykjavik Iceland


P.s. It's the 17-18 of February, timezoning should be doable for east and
west part of our little planet. Sign up now!
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