My best friend is an author (fiction) and she is going to do some research in 
Bosnia this spring. Maybe some of you could help her with contacts, places to 
go, people to connect to?

She is interested in:
Women involved with feminism/womens rights based in Sarajevo/Visoko/Zenica.
She is also interested in the consequenses of the war and how it influence the 
life of women today.

She would like to know about how women unite an work on a grassroots level - 
maybe events with female artists performing/meeting (cafés or other meeting 
spaces) or other ideas, you might have...

She is working on a novel about the history of patriarchy since 1900 from very 
different perspectives.

You are welcome to contact her directly: Sofie Kragh-Müller: 

THANK YOU ALL for being out there!

Lise, Copenhagen, Denmark

Lise Damkjær
T: +45 2949 9636

Når vi taler sammen, forstår vi hinanden og kan undres sammen.
Når vi bliver set og hørt, falder roen over os.
Vi får overskud til at se og høre andre.
Så enkelt er det.
Med Guds hjælp.

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