Thanks for your reflections Harrison!

Rachel Naomi Remen also speaks about 'who and what' we already are:

"The power to repair the world is already in you."
"In befriending life, we do not make things happen according to our own design. 
We uncover something that is already happening in us and around us and create 
conditions that enable it. Everything is moving toward its place of wholeness. 
Befriending life requires that we listen for that potential which is trying to 
actualize itself over time. … It is not about mastering life, controlling it or 
exerting our will over it, no matter how well intentioned our will may be. … It 
means listening to life from the place in us that is connected to the wholeness 
around us. The place in us that is also whole."
—Rachel Naomi Remen, My Grandfather's Blessings

I assume this is somewhat in line with your thinking? Maybe 'blessing' a space, 
or an organization, is a way to open it further? And it opens yourself. Just a 

Thanks again,
/Jan Höglund, Sweden

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