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Also mark your Calendar Co-host Earth Day 2020 <https://www.earthday.org/earth-day-2020/>.

Thanks again for creating our tomorrows, <https://pickatime.acuityscheduling.com/>
Tony Budak,
Convener at TimeBank Mahoning Watershed <http://tbmw.org/>

On 3/25/2020 2:19 PM, alan haber <megi...@umich.edu> wrote:
Dear one and all:....opening an invitation

Odile and I and others who have done Earth Day Celebrations on the Library Lot yearly since 2014,  presumed to do it again this year, and do special for the 50th anniversary, and more so for the Earth and Climate Urgencies of now.  We got permits and, changed circumstances notwithstanding, we are continuing planning for Earth Day Week, this year, Sunday through Sunday April 19 to 26 with a focal program on Wednesday, April 22.  3 weeks away.

We saw this gathering of intention also as an "Opening of the Commons,"  becoming part of the process of creating the "Council of the Commons"...attracting those who want to make use of the public space, even if "virtually" .  Our plan and permits were in place long before the current social distancing and public health situation arose.

For this year's Earth Day Week, so far, we imagine unfolding an 8 day computer broadcast,  live stream, interactive, webinar, zoom, "global teach-in" program of segments on as many relevant topics for Earth Day 50th anniversary as we can find presenters to present. ...   from water, dirt, worms and permaculture to climate strike, extinction rebellion, city policy initiatives, system change, housing,and open mic for political representatives, local organizations and "festival of ideas" ideas from the precincts. ...  mixing together with dance, music, song, poetry, art, movies.  It all gets recorded and any part can be re-accessed at any time

The Commons space itself, car free, could have exhibits and displays, for those walking through, like public art, and learning spots. The point of  broadcast production could be in the friendly old DecaDome "Idea Pod" or some safe place. The program gets put together between now and then. Ignorant as we are, we've seen enough to know there is the conferencing technology to do this.

Our broadcast also would give notice to other Earth Day activities. in the Gallup Park and Leslie Science Center Sunday Earth Day activities and  whatever the City plans on Washington Street with its street closing plan on Wednesday, April 22, and elsewhere.

We could mark off the parking lot space in a 6 foot  grid or circle pattern to be conscious of current social distance, while prefiguring in the virtual world what a Real World Opening might be, hopefully possible in the Fall, ideally around International Day(s) of Peace, ..."fostering a culture of peace and non-violence, as in the recommendations of the Center of the City Task Force."

People are hungry for connection; and with a month more of cabin fever, a city-wide virtual event could be right on time.

PLEASE REPLY:  If you have any inclination to help create an earth conscious event, seeking to engage the whole town Do you know about the technology of  broadcasting on the internet,  for open reception. Can you use  social media to encourage people to watch parts in their homes among family and to contribute to the "festival of ideas?"
Do you have a dance, a poem, a song, a performance, an art  to share?
Do you have a policy message or demonstration relevant to Earth Day?
Do you have friends whom you think would like to be included in this experiment in connectedness?

When we see who's interested we will set up a "virtual" meeting.       Alan and Odile.    734 657 8083

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