I'm currently developing a smartwatch-like device, which would be mounted 
on a bicycle. I would like to be able to have an Android app which gets 
navigation directions from OsmAnd and then sends these to the device for 
display. By looking at OsmAnd code I can see there's already support for 
Pebble via a specific Intent. Also, there seems to be a generic system for 
Wear apps using standard notifications. In principle I could use the latter 
with an Android app which captures notifications from OsmAnd.

However, I tried this feature and cannot get OsmAnd to send notifications. 
>From the code, I understand that if voice output is muted, this should be 
enough to send notifications. However, this doesn't seem to work. For 
testing I have enabled "development" plugin and enabled the fake location 
system which follows the calculated route. I have tried to set change 
"voice indications" (not sure about the english name of this setting) to 
"don't use", to leave this in any language but set the "sound" setting to 
"no" and having both off, without success.

Btw, I have OsmAnd~ 2.4.6.

If anyone could offer some guidance in to getting textual navigation 
notifications I would be really thankful.


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