Adam Sherman <> writes:

> I am looking for a workflow that would let me efficiently drive and then 
> upload to OSM the various unmaintained roads that I frequent. Has anyone 
> seen a tutorial or article?

Basically, capture GPX tracks, and some notes about the names of the
roads.  Take waypoints at junctions.  Load the tracks/waypoints into
JOSM (worth learning) and then draw the roads and label them.  Read the
openstreetmap wiki to find out about tagging rules.    Alternatively,
learn to use iD, a browser-based editor.  Possibly also tag geotagged
pictures of signs at junctions.

Note that if you add the roads without names, and then later add names,
that's totally ok.   Once you add the geometry, you can print the map
(or use Field Papers), and then you can make notes to add names.   I
find this 2-pass editing method pretty convenient.

If there is aerial imagery with a compatible license (bing is usable in
JOSM), and you can see the roads, you can trace them from imagery.
Again every bit of partial progress makes each later bit of progress

> Currently, I am struggling to get GPX tracks to save correctly. They seem 
> to vanish from my devices, but that is probably a different issue.

I use a Garmin hiking GPSr to save tracks; it can run all day on 2 AA
NiMH, and then I don't need to worry about power.  But a phone/tablet on
car power should work too.

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