A few notes on the current OSM Live implementation, triggered by receiving 
slightly less for the 2016-09 payments than I expected.  I worked out that 
I was missing one specific region payment, but couldn't tell if it was just 
me.  So I've had a look at the available reports and bitcoin transactions:

1. On the OSM Live site (Recipients section, viewing some September data)  
all json reports for 2016-09' link shows truncated content (in the 
browser).  But you can save the full contents to a file with a 
right-click-Save-Link-As... or similar according to your browser.  Turns 
out a user registered and made a few changes, with a user name starting 
with a '<' which has confused things.  Looks like it would be useful if 
they were helped to change that name...

2.   By comparing the totals paid and expected to be paid per bitcoin 
address, it seems that there's:
   - One user who has supplied a bad bitcoin address, and, 
   - 11 individual payments of either specific region or worldwide payments 
that have not been paid, to 11 different users. (And it seems to be real as 
I'm one).  Of course we're talking about small amounts of money but this 
should be avoided with what must be a highly automated process.  3 of the 
users had just a single Worldwide payment due, no regions, the other 8 have 
had one or more other Worldwide or region payments made and are missing a 
single one.  Seems there are 4 Worldwide ones, 1 each for France Bretagne, 
US N Carolina, Germany Meck.-Vorp., Switz, Australia, Hungary and Poland 
Warm.-Masur.  I do have the osm user names / btc addresses which I can 
email / post if needed.  No idea if this happened in previous months (and 
it's pretty tedious to find out, so hopefully the root cause can be found 
and/or the data checked).

3. I've a suspicion that on the website Recipients section, when you change 
the selection of data to be viewed, it probably sorts the existing data 
into an order (e.g. descending number of changes?) before throwing that 
data away and loading what you've asked for.  If so, it would make 
navigating away from the initial Worldwide view to the first other region 
much faster, and less load on the server?

regards, 'Cebderby'

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