On 17-08-05 02:02, Harold Munn wrote:
Thanks, Bart. I understand how to enter the two points, and I have been doing 
exactly what you describe. However,shortly after entering the two points, 
OsmAnd will report 'recalculating route'  and will then show the route from my 
current location to the 'to' point.

I can confirm what I consider as a bug, too.

It does show the proper route between from and to.
But it always does compute the route from the current location, for distance and time. If you turn of gps for the current location, you can't start the routing due to the missing location.

But routing starts only via pressing the "go".

So you can't compute from a from, but always just from your active and current location. I feel that's a bug,

When you select a from other than the current location, routing should be possible between from and to, even without current location and active gps, calculating route, distance and time.

- Martin

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