I believe this is planned for OsmAnd 2.8. See:


On Tuesday, 1 August 2017 19:24:52 UTC+1, patrick alberts wrote:
> I would like to use a GPX track as basis for navigation. That in itself is 
> not a problem with osmand.
> However, if you're preparing a long track, e.g. for a road trip, you'll 
> get something with thousands of points. In case you use GPSies to create 
> the track, the editor of GPSies reduces the track to, e.g., 3000 points. 
> That makes the track rather rough.
> The track is not a route, it's just a track along points. osmand offers to 
> navigate along the track and also to calculate the start to the first 
> point. It's also possible to start somewhere in the middle and continue on 
> the track. That's all good and great.
> However, between the points, osmand does no calculation but always uses a 
> straight line approach. That's very confusing in road navigation. And it 
> leads to a mess when osmand starts to believe you're off the track (as the 
> road doesn't necessarily follow the straight line) and then calculates a 
> route to the nearest point, which might be the last point behind you on the 
> road, asking you to go back.
> It would be much better if osmand had an option to calculate routing 
> between the individual track points. That only seems to be possible if the 
> track were a route. There are tools to do the conversion, but not inside 
> osmand. The problem then is, that osmand tries to pre-calculate the whole 
> route for all the thousands of points, which can take for ages (if it 
> finishes at all).
> Wouldn't it be possible to only calculate routing on-the-fly between the 
> track points as you pass the track? With some logic preventing osmand to 
> try to go backwards half of the time? All ingredients seem to be there...
> a otherwise happy paying user

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