Hi Harry
It seems I've lost the knack of how to install/use this file.
I clicked the link, downloaded the file to laptop, copied it to Android 
tablet, moved it to  .... net.osmand.plus/files, and unzipped it.
The postcode I'm seeking takes an age to appear, then says "  User defined 
other postcode"
I tried it with a different one.  RG9 1UH   . The wheel goes around for 
ages then eventually says "  User defined other postcode".
Suggestions please.
Paul W

On Sunday, February 12, 2017 at 10:09:50 PM UTC, Harry van der Wolf wrote:
> Hi all,
> Like a few times before (see last time 
> <https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/osmand/ZIDFWM50OW4> July 2016) a 
> set of UK postcode OBF map files. 
> Like the last time the postcodes are delivered as one big United-Kingdom 
> POI file and as 4 country address files (England, Scotland, Wales and 
> Northern-Ireland).
> Like previous times I prefer the POI file myself at this moment as 
> especially the England version of the address file containing 1.44 million 
> postcodes is somewhat slow. 
> The even bigger amount of postcodes (entire UK: 1.7 million) in the POI 
> file doesn't seem to be a problem. I assume due to much better indexing.
> Note that the Norther-ireland address map is very small. I need to check 
> that one but that will not be earlier than second half coming week.
> Please read the Readme (bottom half of linked page) for an explanation on 
> usage: https://github.com/hvdwolf/OsmAnd-UKpostcodes/
> You can find the zipped obf files on the Releases page: 
> https://github.com/hvdwolf/OsmAnd-UKpostcodes/releases
> Harry

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