The navigation instructions are too soft to hear when the sound is being 
piped through a cable at maximum volume. Should I post this bug to GitHub?

Steps to Reproduce:

   1. Unplug any cables from the phone
   2. Make sure OsmAnd is configured to output the navigation (car) voice 
   to  Media/music and that Pause music is unchecked
   3. Reboot the phone
   4. Make sure the media volume is turned all the way up
   5. Start playing music (e.g. VLC)
   6. Plug a cable into the phone to connect it to external speakers (e.g. 
   a car radio)
   7. Start OsmAnd
   8. Start navigating using car directions
   9. The navigational directions will be inaudible.

Device Details:

   - Android 7.1.2
   - LineageOS 14.1-20180108-NIGHTLY-cheeseburger
   - ONEPLUS A5000

I'm happy to provide a screen recording as long as it is not posted or 
shared publicly.

Zian Choy

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