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> If you are looking for an address where you are what you say is correct.
> But if you are in Atlanta and you want to find an address in a small town in
> another state, say Brooksville, Florida, it does NOT work. Try it yourself.
> The interface is wonky in my opinion but that does  not matter terribly to
> me as long as I know the proper way to make it work.  I'd appreciate some
> help from someone.

One likely explanation is that OpenStreetMap doesn't have address
data for the area you're asking about.  There are lots of areas in the US
with no address coverage.

I've been working on my own township, but haven't got all that far yet.
It seems to take hours to do the data entry for even a small subdivision,
whatever tool set I use. (Maybe I'm just too fussy.)  And there's no
license-compatible data set with address points - thank you, Suffolk
County v. First American Real Estate - so there's no real alternative
to walking the street and GPSing the house numbers, and then tracing
the buildings from aerials. Labor intensive.

Anyway, it's pretty obvious in
what I've done and what I haven't done. OSMand address finding
works perfectly in my town where I've done the addresses, and not
at all where I haven't.

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