In the United States, it's extremely common to have businesses or 
residences sharing a common building, and to denote the difference in 
mailing address through a unit number designation. For example, for the 
building I live in, there's twelve apartments here, which fall into the 
following address format

XX Simpleton Street [Apt,Unit,Suite,#] YY
Anytown, USA 12345

XX = addr:housenumber
YY = addr:unit

The use of apartment, unit, suite, or # is completely decorative, but our 
postal service requires one as a separator between the street name and the 
number of the unit. Unit is the de facto standard where no other one is 

The OSM editor plugin doesn't recognize addr:unit as a common key, which it 
is essential for most addresses here. Additionally, address lookups should 
include the unit number within the rendered address line

Personally, this is an issue because I'm trying to add POI for everything 
around me (I'm averaging ~200 entries a day), and much of this data can't 
be expressed in OsmAnd correctly because of this lack of support.

Can we please get some addr:unit support?

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