Regarding version 2.8.2

1. If I open the dashboard, Show all tracks, the fast way to toggle 
visibility is on the right. Ok. But when instead showing the list of tracks 
from Configure map, Clicking on the right side, right on the Checkbox, 
results in very unexpected behavior, it scrolls the list up or down, 
revealing a hidden scrollbar. This is inconsistent and confusing. May I 
suggest moving the visible checkbox to the left side, so the visible clue 
of where to click/tap on it won't accidentally touch the invisible 
2. This would also suggest the place to click/tap back on the dashboard 
menu, should also be on the left side, to be consistent.

3. If I want to review or plan a route, I Long press on the map to create a 
marker, press Directions, it turns into a checkered flag, Ok. Next tap the 
Expand [v] for the first line From: My Position, Choose Select on map, pan 
the map to a place, long press, press directions, It does not have a choice 
to set this as the starting point. It seems to be broken that it did not 
let me select on the map, the starting location.

My work around, is to set my desired starting point as a subsequent 
destination, then again expand From, and choose something from Favorites. 
4. It won't let me delete the first line until after I move it down in the 
list by expanding the Via line. Deleting it too quickly just puts me back 
at the first problem.

5. How can I review the route steps, and have it automatically zoom in? 
(Instead of showing the whole route.) This is when pressing the [<] [>] 
left and right buttons to review each step, I want to see the intersection. 

6. My work around shows a flaw: If I tap the map so I can zoom in, it does 
not shift the center to the intersection, so that the map must first be 
panned to the approximate center, a long process sometimes to get zoomed in 
all the way down, panning each step guessing where the center is. The 
circle with dot does not display very long. Maybe it should stay triggered 
until I'm done panning?
On the positive side, I'm happy it stays zoomed in when stepping after this.

Thank you

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