> I can replicate your problem (OsmAnd 2.9.3 - current Google Play version 
> with maps updated). It's not that an option needs to be ticked: other parts 
> of the Grand Union Canal are displaying fine (eg. going east out of 
> Aylesbury).

At around 1am today, 20th Feb, I used the OpenLayers plugin of QGIS to 
download a small area of Openstreetmap surrounding a small section of the 
invisible canal, saved is as .osm then converted to .obf using 
OsmAndMapCreator. If I drop this .obf into my android's osmand folder and 
restart osmand, then the small section of your invisible canal that I 
downloaded does display.

I notice that the invisible stretch of canal was edited on oenstreetmap.org 
15 days ago. I can only think that when the current OsmAnd maps were 
created this stretch of canal was not properly tagged, in which case the 
problem should disappear with the next monthly map update. Is this 
plausible, anyone?

All the best, A.

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