Hello Nishant, 

Did you resolve this error yet ?

i can not build OsmAnd yet and there is a lot of missing libraries !

if you successfully Build/Run OsmAnd, please guide me how to setup this 
missing libraries.

On Monday, July 18, 2016 at 11:39:49 PM UTC+2, Nishant Singh wrote:
> I am trying to setup development environment in xcodefor osmand app. I 
> executed the following commands
> > mkdir ~/bin PATH=~/bin:$PATH $ curl> 
> > http://commondatastorage.googleapis.com/git-repo-downloads/repo >> 
> > ~/bin/repo $ chmod a+x ~/bin/repo $ repo init -u> 
> > git://github.com/osmandapp/OsmAnd-manifest.git -m jenkins_ios.xml  $> repo 
> > sync
> Pointed to the ios folder which has the below file and then ran
> > bash prepare.sh
> I am getting an error at the below line : 
> https://github.com/osmandapp/OsmAnd-ios/blob/master/prepare.sh#L32
> Error description:
> Baking project files for cross-platform target 'fat-ios-clang'Baking project 
> files 'fat-ios-clang.xcode'/Users/ss134/build/utils/generate.sh: line 96: 
> cmake: command not foundFailed to bake project files 'fat-ios-clang.xcode' 
> (127)Failed to generate project for XCode, aborting...
> Please help to resolve this. Should i install cmake in terminal and then 
> run the prepare.sh file ?

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