On Tuesday, December 19, 2017 at 6:24:28 AM UTC+7, Michał Musiałowicz wrote:
> Unfortunately rendering speed is, being polite, only satisfactory.
I don't want to be polite and say that rendering speed is terrible. Last 
OsmAnd+ versions on my 6-core 1.8 GHz Qualcomm phone work much slower than 
versions from 2012-2013 on my old 4-core 1.2 GHz MTK one.

In big cities like Paris, Roma, Milano etc., OsmAnd+ is almost unusable in 
real time because rendering delays (occuring after scale changes and 
similar events) are incredibly long.

And the rendering consumes very much CPU resources, draining the battery 
and raising phone's temperature to a dangerous level. After two months of 
everyday driving with OsmAnd+, the battery in my phone became inflated.

As correctly mentioned, OsmAnd+ draws much more details than really needed.

In most cases, detailed map is needed only near a current point (or near 
center of the screen). The more far from the "focus", the less details 
should be drawn. Google Maps utilizes such technique and works fast and not 
CPU-intensive. But it cannot be fine-tuned.

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