Importatnt point - I strongly second that!


Am Dienstag, 10. April 2018 19:16:13 UTC+2 schrieb Pablo G.:
> As I (and other users) have reported before, it of big importance and 
> utility the "blue orientation cone" that shows the direction of your 
> cellphone with respect to the map it is displaying.
> The problem I see on its present implementation is that is very difficult 
> to "find" and "read" the orientation cone (see attached screenshot):
> - The "cone" overimposes with the (also blue) circle representing the 
> accurracy of the GPS location
> - The "cone" is too small !
> The main reasons I see the "blue cone" is extremely useful are:
> - When you are not having GPS signal fixed, but you need to start walking 
> in the proper direction.
> - When you are not moving, but want to start moving in the proper 
> direction.
> - When you just want to know what building or attraction is in front of 
> you, and behind you, and to your left, and to your right.
> - This feature is mostly needed using OsmAnd in the "pedestrian mode".
> My proposal to improve "the cone" are:
> - Make it much bigger (perhaps configurable on Settings)
> - Change its color (perhaps something like orange with an outline (perhaps 
> configurable in Settings)
> OsmAnd is GREAT for trekking and touristic activities on foot, but this is 
> really something to make better.
> I hope this could be done. Thanks to the developers for the excelent job 
> done on OsmAnd !
> Pablo.

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