OsmAnd doesn't take elevation gain into account for time estimates. From 
App profiles/Walking/Vehicle paramaters/Default speed, you can set a 
minimum, default and maximum speed.  That might help for some situations, 
but for a hike that steep, I would guess your own personal estimate would 
come closer.  

On Wednesday, January 15, 2020 at 12:02:59 AM UTC-8, danilo baggini wrote:
> with installed the pluging Linee isoipse for the elevation and with the 
> plugin enabled
> loading a track of 5.45 km length
> and with an elevation change from 200 m to 1930 m (inside the track there 
> are the elevations also, track enclosed)
> the time supplied for the walk is one hour
> This time is obviously wrong.
> I wait comments
> Danilo

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