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commit 2afa1cf02a1f52504c567ee2ccce6603528bc625
Author: Alexander Couzens <>
Date:   Sun Aug 6 21:52:02 2017 +0000

    add /debian package support

commit 9b9ad6623dff4913f5cac057f435dcae9718944a
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <>
Date:   Tue Jul 25 15:35:58 2017 +0200

    ranap_common.h: fix include of asn1c/asn_application.h
    Change-Id: I152377813cdcfef73e2c4309b0f8c97807d7d4f8

commit d5a564775f84814edf23358e9330da13acc90408
Author: Neels Hofmeyr <>
Date:   Wed Jul 5 14:38:52 2017 +0200

    move openbsc.git's iu.h, iu.c, iu_vty.c here as iu_client* NOT FOR MERGE
    *** NOT FOR MERGE: use SCCP address book: the libsccp address book code is
    currently in flux, will follow in the next patch set when pmaier is ready 
    it ***
    To help split openbsc.git to separate MSC and SGSN repositories, place the
    common Iu interface related code here in libosmo-ranap. Also apply various
    improvements while moving (from intermittent code review).
    The code depends on libosmo-ranap tightly. One reason to want this separate
    from libosmo-ranap could be that it uses libosmo-sigtran, accepting an sccp
    instance. However, including in libosmo-ranap is the simplest way to go. The
    osmo-iuh build depends on libosmo-sigtran anyway because of OsmoHNBGW, and 
    current users of libosmo-ranap also naturally link libosmo-sigtran already.
    Apply prefix ranap_iu_ and RANAP_IU_ to allow smooth transition from the
    openbsc.git iu_ to the libranap ranap_iu_ implementations.
    Prune unneeded #include statements.
    Instead of sccp_addr, store an rnc pointer in the ue_conn_ctx. To 
    - Move iu_rnc struct to iu_client.h (as ranap_iu_rnc).
    - Instead of sccp_addr, pass rnc to ue_conn_ctx_alloc().
    - Pass a local struct new_ue_conn_ctx containing the sccp_addr and conn_id 
      the RANAP handling stack in case of an InitialUE message.
    - Separate the InitialUE message handling from cn_ranap_handle_co(), by 
      to new and separate cn_ranap_handle_co_initial(), so we can still pass a
      looked-up ue_conn_ctx to all other cn_ranap_handle_co() code paths.
    - Allocate the ue_conn_ctx only in ranap_handle_co_initial_ue(), not as 
      as before.
    Note that we are not actually ever using the rnc pointer now present in
    ue_conn_ctx. It could be used for more concise paging, to first page only 
    RNC where we last saw the subscriber. So far we page all matching LAC/RACs.
    Tweak error logging: use __func__ instead of writing the function names as
    string constants.
    In iu_client_vty.c:
    - Move the asn.1 debug commands from logging over to the iu node. They are 
      specific to the logging target. They could qualify for an entirely 
      'asn1' root node, but for simplicity place under 'iu'.
    - Add the 'asn1' commands to ranap_iu_vty_config_write(), so far missing.
    - remove the legacy "net." from a VTY error message, it is not known which 
      the parent node of 'iu' has.
    Change-Id: I6a3f7ad15be03fb94689b4af6ccfa828c25f45c0


Osmocom code for Iuh interface

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