Thanks for the feedback, Brett. I'm on vacation tomorrow, but I'll try to 
address your concerns on Tuesday.


From: Jochen Topf <>
Sent: Sunday, March 11, 2018 5:56:54 AM
To: Brett Henderson
Cc: Locke, Jonathan; Van Exel, Martijn;
Subject: Re: [osmosis-dev] Osmosis and Osmium-enhanced PBF files with way node 

On Sun, Mar 11, 2018 at 10:19:21AM +0000, Brett Henderson wrote:
> *osmformat.proto*
> Are these changes mastered somewhere else?  In other words, are these new
> fields the same ones used by Osmium in its implementation?  I'm wondering
> if we need to re-sync from the main OSM-binary project.  The osmosis
> version is the same as that in  The
> repo is a fork of that, and the
> osmosis branch there *is* the same code as the osmosis-osm-binary directory
> in the osmosis repo, just with some re-arranging to fit inside the Osmosis
> structure and fit inside the Osmosis java package namespace.
> *Jochen* (if you're reading), where does Osmium source its osmformat.proto
> file from?

The PBF implementation in Osmium doesn't need the .proto file, so this
didn't come up there.

> Long story short, rather than make changes directly to the file in Osmosis
> and create a fork, should we apply them to upstream first and then re-sync
> Osmosis with that?

Yes, we should do this upstream in
If somebody creates a pull request, I'll merge it there...

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