Is there a way to get this optional feature string in Osmosis? I expected it to 
be passed as metadata to the initialize method of Sink, but it wasn't.


From: Jochen Topf <>
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On Mon, Mar 05, 2018 at 05:18:00PM +0000, Locke, Jonathan wrote:
> Only one technical question for you: is there any way to detect from
> the header of the PBF file whether the file contains way node
> locations? It would be nice not to have to read nodes for 45 minutes
> before discovering that the PBF file doesn't have way node locations.
> Once there's an osmosis release with the way node location feature in
> it (and ideally a data drop with way node locations), we hope to
> switch to consuming only PBF files with way node locations and we'd
> remove support from our apps for PBF files without this information
> (thus the need to detect if the file has way nodes).

Osmium sets "LocationsOnWays" as an "optional feature" string in the
header to signify that there are locations on the ways.

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