Hi Alia, Acee, all

draft-ietf-ospf-encapsulation-cap-06 has just been uploaded to address the 
comments received.
Draft: https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-ospf-encapsulation-cap-06

Please see inline [Authors] more details about issues resolution

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 > Subject: Re: [OSPF] I-D Action: draft-ietf-ospf-encapsulation-cap-05.txt
 > Hi Alia,
 > So the issues we are still discussing are:
 >       1. Common IGP Tunnel Type/Tunnel Attribute IANA Registry or simply
 > reference the BGP registries created by RFC 5512.

[Authors] There are 2 registries:
a) Tunnel Encapsulation Type: registry shared with BGP  (since draft-05)
Tunnel types are shared with the BGP  extension [RFC5512] and hence are defined 
in the existing IANA registry  "BGP Tunnel Encapsulation Attribute Tunnel 

b) Tunnel Encapsulation Attribute Sub-TLVs: registry dedicated to OSPF (changed 
in draft-06)
- Difficult to share with IS-IS as IS-IS has TLV size restrictions which do not 
match BGP and OSPF. Due to this restriction future sub-TLV may be encoded in a 
more compact way, possibly with less information.
- Difficult to share with BGP as BGP attach the attribute to various type of 
BGP routes hence needs to handle labelled/unlabeled routes, underlay/overlay 
routes... The color sub-TLV already has a different syntax. (yet the same 
sub-TLV code point could have been used.)

 >       2. 1-octet or 2-octet type/length in Tunnel Encapsulation Attribute
 > Sub-TLVs. I’d vote for 2-octet for RFC 7770 consistency even though the
 > BGP registry code point is limited to 255 types.

[Authors] draft-06 use 2 octets to encode the type, and 2 octets to encode the 
length, as typical for OSPF.

 >       3. Addition of the RFC 5640 ECMP block suggested by Carlos

[Authors] Done.


 > Pignataro.
 > Thanks,
 > Acee
 > On 7/3/17, 10:52 AM, "OSPF on behalf of internet-dra...@ietf.org"
 > <ospf-boun...@ietf.org on behalf of internet-dra...@ietf.org> wrote:
 > >
 > >A New Internet-Draft is available from the on-line Internet-Drafts
 > >directories.
 > >This draft is a work item of the Open Shortest Path First IGP of the IETF.
 > >
 > >        Title           : Advertising Tunneling Capability in OSPF
 > >        Authors         : Xiaohu Xu
 > >                          Bruno Decraene
 > >                          Robert Raszuk
 > >                          Luis M. Contreras
 > >                          Luay Jalil
 > >    Filename        : draft-ietf-ospf-encapsulation-cap-05.txt
 > >    Pages           : 10
 > >    Date            : 2017-07-03
 > >
 > >Abstract:
 > >   Networks use tunnels for a variety of reasons.  A large variety of
 > >   tunnel types are defined and the ingress needs to select a type of
 > >   tunnel which is supported by the egress and itself.  This document
 > >   defines how to advertise egress tunnel capabilities in OSPF Router
 > >   Information Link State Advertisement (LSAs).
 > >
 > >
 > >
 > >The IETF datatracker status page for this draft is:
 > >https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-ietf-ospf-encapsulation-cap/
 > >
 > >There are also htmlized versions available at:
 > >https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-ospf-encapsulation-cap-05
 > >https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/html/draft-ietf-ospf-encapsulation-cap-05
 > >
 > >A diff from the previous version is available at:
 > >https://www.ietf.org/rfcdiff?url2=draft-ietf-ospf-encapsulation-cap-05
 > >
 > >
 > >Please note that it may take a couple of minutes from the time of
 > >submission
 > >until the htmlized version and diff are available at tools.ietf.org.
 > >
 > >Internet-Drafts are also available by anonymous FTP at:
 > >ftp://ftp.ietf.org/internet-drafts/
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